Child Nutrition Consulting


Childhood Nutrition Focus for Optimal Growth & Development.

Childhood is the most essential phase of a person's life in many aspects. Nutrition is one of the most important factors in the growth and development of a child. A child's health and ability to battle the disease might be hampered by poor dietary habits or competing diseases and medical problems. If left unchecked, poor nutrition habits or medical issues can hinder a child's growth. Every age is important for nutrition. Your child needs certain vitamins to keep strong and healthy as they develop. So, taking extreme care in planning your kid's meals is important.

The kid's nutritionist specializes in determining the best dietary needs for kids' developing bodies and brains to reach their full potential. The child nutritionist works with parents and children to maintain a healthy eating pattern. Dt. Deepak Khera is one of the most enthusiastic and successful dieticians in town. She will help you plan your kid's meals according to their likes and dislikes.

Child nutrition is of three types:

 New-born or infant nutrition:

Ms. Khera will help you know if your baby is getting enough milk and other nutrients. She will suggest some vitamins or minerals for your kid if needed. When it's time for your child to go on to solid meals, Ms. Khera will be there to assist you in planning your kid's first meal.

 Toddler nutrition:

Feeding your toddlers may be challenging. Many kids might be picky eaters, which normally makes moms wonder if their child is getting the proper nourishment. Ms. Khera can manage and enhance your child's health throughout this challenging development phase.

 Adolescent nutrition:

Children do, however, consume more calories than they burn, which can eventually result in an obese youngster. Ms. Khera will assist if your child is struggling with their obesity. She can help your youngster develop healthy eating habits and assist in setting realistic goals for a more proper way of life.

Regardless of age, persuading your child to eat healthfully might be a constant battle, but it's well worth it. Only with your support and direction can your child grow into a healthy child and an adult. So, be wise and choose the best dietician for your child.