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In today’s continuously changing busy and stressed lifestyle, staying healthy is not easy. It requires conscious effort towards developing and maintaining healthy habits. At times we don’t know what to do and at times we are unable to stay away from junk foods. We may be not even able to priorities ourselves all the time even though we may want to do so.
My endeavour is to guide you on this journey towards a healthier self – through correct nutritional and lifestyle habits.
My goal is to help you become a healthier person. So that you feel better, more positive and achieve more.


Deepak KD is a practicing nutritionist, consultant, trainer, social worker and entrepreneur. She is actively involved in clinical practice where she deals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac problems, Obesity, Underweight, Gastro intestinal problems, Allergies, Sports nutrition, Pre & Post pregnancy diets, Child nutrition, Post-surgery diets to name a few.
Driven by the concept of wellness and preventive health care, Dt. Deepak is helping people on healthy life style since the last 12 years. Founder of “D’FabU" Deepak has done her MSc in Nutrition & Dietetics and MBA in HR. She has undergone various advanced courses in field of nutrition, cosmetology and soft skills development. She believes that “Health is Wealth”. To achieve this vision, she set up “D’FabU" with the purpose of delivering preventive healthcare advisory programs for individuals, schools, NGO’s and corporate houses.